Cat Claims New Favorite Chair as Exclusive Territory, All Others Unwelcome

Cat Claims New Favorite Chair as Exclusive Territory, All Others Unwelcome

Yoshitsune (Yoshi) is an odd 5-year-old cat that does not hesitate to claim what he perceives to be his own. Every new thing that her parents bring home, which she thinks to be her gifts, is eagerly awaited by the kitty.

The kitten’s adoptive mother, Reina, told The Dodo:

“[She] enjoys trying new things and is worried and impatient, yet she understands what others are saying.”

Kitten is refusing to let anyone sit on her new favorite chair.

Yoshi has to share the chair with her father, which irritates the cat, who generally sticks her paw in the gap between the seat and the backrest and leans on the cushion to keep the man from sitting comfortably.

The cat is very possessive of the chair and every time her foster father sits on it, Yoshi immediately shows his disgust.

The clever kitty tries everything she can to make her father uncomfortable enough to get out of the chair; they usually lean against the backrest and push it back with their legs.

If this does not achieve his goal, he turns to his mother with dramatic gestures for her to help him regain his place.

If this doesn’t work, he makes theatrical motions to his mother, pleading with her to assist him in regaining his position.

Yoshi always manages to reclaim her chair, and her father recognizes her aversion to sharing and surrenders to the cat.

Her family is cognizant that as soon as a replacement item arrives, they will be able to reclaim their chair.

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