Call for Change: The Unbearable Restraint of Animals and the Need for Action/tt

Call for Change: The Unbearable Restraint of Animals and the Need for Action/tt

A severely emaciated dog struggled to stand and couldn’t rest her head due to a tight chain around her neck. Cala, the dog, was kept as a guard dog in Costa Rica by a neglectful mechanic who provided inadequate care. Cala’s health deteriorated, and she desperately needed help.

Thankfully, concerned neighbors reported Cala’s condition to the authorities and Territorio de Zaguates, a local sanctuary for dogs. The founder, Lya Battle, expressed deep sadness and frustration upon seeing the dog’s pitiful state.

Cala was rescued by the police and sanctuary team, receiving veterinary care for malnutrition and injuries caused by the chain. She was then taken to Territorio de Zaguates, where she underwent physical and emotional rehabilitation. Despite the slow healing process and the painful treatments, Cala eventually learned to associate love and treats with her suffering, displaying remarkable resilience.

Initially wary of other dogs, Cala gradually learned to trust both her fellow canines and humans. She transformed from a fragile, depressed creature into a strong defender of herself, bringing joy and playfulness to her daily routine.

Unfortunately, Cala faced further challenges when the sanctuary was broken into, resulting in the death of 16 dogs from poisoned sausages. Cala herself consumed a poisoned sausage but managed to survive. Battling neurological issues afterward, she eventually recovered.

Lya Battle believed that Cala’s resilience was not a coincidence, as she had endured years of mistreatment, torture, malnutrition, and illness. Rescued once again, Cala found a foster family that provides her with love and care. Despite displaying mischievous behavior, she is content, strong, and cherished by her foster mother and family.

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