C.Ronaldo “takes a selfie” with Michael Jordan to create a social network fever: “2 billion” USD for a photo.d19

C.Ronaldo “takes a selfie” with Michael Jordan to create a social network fever: “2 billion” USD for a photo.d19

Ronaldo “side-by-side” Michael Jordan Creates Social Media Frenzy: The photo cost “2 billion” USD

Just one picture of Ronaldo posted has received nearly 7 million likes.

Coincidentally, during a summer trip with his girlfriend , living football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing for Juventus , met basketball legend Michael Jordan. Without an appointment, the two most famous figures in the sports industry met at the resort. Of course, they quickly came to talk intimately and take a “lifetime” photo.

Ronaldo – Jordan photo is worth “2 billion USD” and creates huge attraction on social networks

“We have made history,” Ronaldo wrote when posting the photo on the social network Instagram , which is not wrong. Together they created a historic photo, where two basketball and football legends were present, a photo worth more than “2 billion USD”.

An audience member commented: “There are too many records converging in this photo”. That’s right, in the photo are two people who have won many records in the sport they compete in, and it is difficult for anyone to surpass the money record of the photo above. According to Forbes, Michael Jordan is the richest person in the sports industry with an account of up to 1.7 billion USD and Ronaldo is ranked 13th on the list with 620 million USD.

Ronaldo’s post immediately created a fever on social networks, in less than 2 days it received nearly 7 million likes along with more than 42 thousand comments. The attraction and influence of the above two characters is too great, the numbers above prove it.

Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, and is a basketball legend respected around the world . He played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards , winning 6 NBA championships . There are 6 individual MVP titles (best player of the season) and 14 appearances in NBA All-Star tournaments. Ronaldo is currently still playing football, he has won almost all noble titles, his collection is probably just waiting for the World Cup championship .

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