Blind And Deaf Dog No One Wanted Now Looks After Every Sick Foster Animal His Human Brings Home

Blind And Deaf Dog No One Wanted Now Looks After Every Sick Foster Animal His Human Brings Home

Life has not always been kind to Sherio, but he has not allowed that to make him cynical or unkind.

Instead, this sweet pup has decided to become a source of security and comfort to other foster animals.

Sherio knows all too well how scary it can be to come to a new home; though Sherio has a warm and loving home now, that hasn’t always been the case.

Sherio is not only deaf but also partially blind and as a result, he’s had a tough time finding a forever home.

He’s lived in 2 shelters, 12 foster homes and has even been adopted four times only to be brought back each time.

But eventually, he met Sheryl Smith, and in her, he finally found someone who was ready to love him for who he was – disabilities and all.

Smith already had a history of caring for animals in need and when she met Sherio she knew that she had to adopt him.

Sherio is so happy to have finally found a family who loves him, and since getting adopted by Smith he’s been determined to spread the joy and “pass it forward.”

Sherio does his best to help all the animals that Smith agrees to take home and foster.

Sherio does everything in his power to make the needy animals feel safe and loved.

He gives them encouraging licks and kisses and tries to be a source of comfort.

In an interview with the Dodo, Smith said:

”Just after his rescue l rescued a pregnant dog who was too sick to care for her pups, so [Sherio] climbed in with them and started cleaning them. He’s done that with every rescue I take in. He will just sit patiently with the feral cats/kittens and bonds so strongly with them, they trust him before they trust me.”

Sherio has managed to use his experiences for something positive rather than let his past sorrows tarnish his new life.

Though he still struggles with anxiety, his love and compassion shine brighter and are improving the lives of every animal that comes his way.

We’re so proud of this good boy and we’re happy he’s finally got a beautiful family who will always remind him that he is safe, loved and has a permanent place in their hearts and home.

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