Adorable moment of Messi's son shouting when Barca conceded(VIDEO).d19

Adorable moment of Messi’s son shouting when Barca conceded(VIDEO).d19

Mateo, the second son of striker Messi, congratulated Real Betis on the opening goal when he and his father and brother went to cheer for Barca today, August 25.

Messi’s son shouted when Barca conceded
Mateo, the second son of striker Messi, celebrates Real Betis’ opening goal when he and his father and brother went to support Barca on August 25.

The three-year-old shouted “in” and raised his hands in excitement after Nabil Fekir hit the net of his father’s team at the Nou Camp. Soon after, Mateo was reminded of his “loyalty” by his father’s teammate Luis Suarez sitting next to him. Both Messi and the Uruguayan burst into laughter and explained to the three-year-old to the confusion of his eldest brother Thiago.

According to The Sun, this is not the first time Mateo has supported his father’s rival. The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner once shared, the mischievous boy teased his father many times when his team lost matches, including a bitter 0-4 defeat to Liverpool in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final. before.

“Mateo likes all colors and wears them all but the last time he was playing on the Playstation he said: ‘I’m a Liverpool player, the football team beat me. I’m Liverpool and you’re Barcelona’. Mateo is not fully aware yet. About everything. Like when I lost to Valencia, he would say Valencia won. Or when we watch TV, he celebrates Real Madrid’s goal, “said the Argentine striker.

In the second round match of La Liga against Real Betis at Nou Camp’s home field, Barca did not have the services of both Messi and Suarez due to injury. Conceding first, Barca still won the final 5-2 thanks to a double from rookie Griezmann and goals from Carles Perez, Jordi Alba and Arturo Vidal. Lorenzo Jesus Moron Garcia scored the second goal for Real Betis.

With three points, the defending La Liga champions rose to 9th on the rankings after a 0-1 defeat to Athletic Bilbao in last week’s opening match.

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