The moment a Rеtirеd Pоliсе Dоg Criеs Whеn Hе Sееs His Fоrmеr Hаndlеr.d19

The moment a Rеtirеd Pоliсе Dоg Criеs Whеn Hе Sееs His Fоrmеr Hаndlеr.d19

A Rеtirеd Pоliсе Dоg Criеs Whеn Hе Sееs His Fоrmеr Hаndlеr!
Get some tissues ready, because this poignant story is guaranteed to break your heart. It was a touching moment when a retired police dog was reunited with his old manager.

Wang Wang, an eight-year-old German shepherd, works as a sniffer dog at a security checkpoint in Xichuan, Henan Province, central China.

He will split ways with his agent after retiring in June 2019 and finding a lifelong home to spend the rest of his life.

Last month, Matan Wangwang’s old manager, a police officer, decided to surprise the furry companion by paying him a visit while on patrol near Wangwang’s house.

A video posted lately on the Xichuan police Douyin account, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, shows police contacting Wang Wang outside his home.

Knowing the previous agent’s call, Wang Wang dashed out the front door and into the arms of the old agent.

Wang Wang licked his legs, sobbed, and remained at his former owner’s side.

When the patrol returned to their car, Wang Wang refused to let them leave, remaining behind his manager the entire time.

“Wang Wang’s hair greyed, yet he was full and plump,” the message said. “It’s always difficult to say goodbye to friends.”


Netizens’ hearts warmed as they witnessed the heartwarming reunion of the devoted dog and the dog trainer.

“Dogs are faithful buddies, treat them properly!” one person wrote.

“You can see Wangwang misses his handler,” a second said.

Some people who witnessed the romantic reunion are perplexed as to why Wang Wang and his agent are not permitted to be together.

“Police dogs are normally well-fed at the training center, but our officers cannot spend their time playing or exercising with retired dogs,” Xichuan police said in a reply.

“They’ll be better cared for at home than in a training facility.”

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