“A Heartwarming Tale: A Young Paralyzed Girl Bonds with Her Prospective Golden Retriever Service Dog” q.

“A Heartwarming Tale: A Young Paralyzed Girl Bonds with Her Prospective Golden Retriever Service Dog” q.

Julie’s Golden Retriever is currently working with a trainer seven days a week to provide comfort to Memphis Rose, who recently suffered injuries in a car accident.

When golden retriever Juliette, who is four months old, and newly paralyzed Memphis Rose Hamm, who is six months old, had their first encounter on July 27 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, it was a love at first sight moment.

Upon seeing Memphis Rose, Juliet immediately jumped onto her lap and started licking and cuddling her, according to her mother, Gayrene Meade. Gayrene expressed that her daughter has a great deal of respect for veterans and was delighted to see Juliet, especially after learning that the adorable dog was going to be theirs. It was a heartwarming moment for her, especially after going through a few terrible weeks.

On the evening of June 7th, Meade, a single mother, received the devastating news that her daughter, Memphis Rose, had been murdered. Tyra Meade and Kenneth Graden were involved in a multiple-vehicle collision in Wellington, a location in western Palm Beach County. Graden, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was taken to the hospital the following day after the accident. Tyra, who was driving the 2012 Scion family vehicle, suffered a fractured knee, while Memphis Rose, who was sitting directly behind Graden, sustained a punctured lung, a fractured and dislocated neck, and a fractured rib.

Please watch the video below for more information. Meade explained that her daughter’s decision to undergo genetic counseling was influenced by her. Her daughter experienced a momentary loss of breath and was unable to move for two and a half minutes. Fortunately, a member of the cast performed CPR until a Trama Hawk air ambulance arrived to transport the patient to St. Mary’s Medical Center. The neurosurgeon stated that spinal injury is one from which recovery may not be possible, so the chances of survival are slim. During Memphis Rose’s first two weeks in the hospital, she was heavily medicated, but as her condition deteriorated, she was gradually weaned off them. She wishes to have surgical tracheostomy and remains on a ventilator. She cannot walk, and her recovery is a daily process that may take months or years.

According to Meade, the Memphis Rose has only cried twice. She has always been immobile, but she is determined to move again. Even though I am a girl who loves sparkling things and unicorns, my tenacity might help me on my trip.

Lori Griffith, founder of Chai A Dream Foundation, a local organization that assists children with life-threatening illnesses, was able to meet with golden retriever Juliet through Jupiter resident Memphis Rose. “I was unaware that Memphis Rose had always desired a pet,” she told PEOPLE. On the day of the accident, Furry Friends, Adoption, Clinic & Ranch had received Juliet, a confident puppy who was personable with people, from Wyoming Sky Goldens in Gillette, Wyoming, a respected breeder that often trains its puppies to be service dogs for veterans.

A well-known tiger trainer named Smmrit Earhart, who is affiliated with Furry Friends, Aptio, worked with us. We decided to send Juliet to work for Memphis Rose, a veteran, and we are pleased to be part of the team that will require Juliette to labor for Memphis Rose.

After their initial meeting, Memphis Rose has had the opportunity to visit Juliette three or four times. Every time they have been reunited, their lives have evolved into what Meade calls a “made-for-TV Disney movie.”

Juliet is currently back in Florida reuniting with Earhart, which will take at least a year. Memphis Rose Meade will travel to Florida for a second week in the hospital in mid-September, where they will determine what the best course of treatment will be and what medications are required.

They will construct a new single-story home with a porch for Memphis Rose and a yard for Juliette. Memphis Rose will be allowed to see Juliet while he continues to travel with Amelia Earhart.

According to Meade, Memphis Rose is going to marry Juliette and they will have children together. Juliette will eventually be a part of their lives all the time. Earthart is currently working with Julius seven days a week in Palm City, north of West Palm Beach, to finish a boot camp-style training regime funded by Leeds Enablement. This is an organization that helps handicapped people have healthy, productive, independent lives.

“Juliet was born to be a Memphis Rose,” Earthart explains to PEOPLE. “But my program is extensive, so I must determine how much public access oxygen will require. Memphis Rose is a quadruplegic, so she must not become very excited or have emotional outbursts in response to anything she encounters.”

With their advanced obedience training, Juliette will be allowed to think for herself. She will be allowed to turn the lights on and off, snuggle Memphis Rose into bed, as well as contact Earthart if the ventilator beeps or if there is any other unforeseen complication.

“I have had no problems with Juliet,” said Earthart, who has been dating Juliette since she was 12 years old. “She is enthusiastic and excels at socialization, toilet training, and environmental obedience. Not much, the situation is about to explode. ‘Juliet is not an it.’”

With Earthart taking Juliette to the grocery shop, Juliette becomes acquainted with welshings, sliding doors, gates, and lifts. They stroll, go, everything in order to introduce her to experiences.

“Because we cannot control everything, we are encouraging Juliette to travel and experience as much as possible; whatever occurs is OK with us,” explains Earthart. “Memphis Rose is pleased that Juliette is doing well, and I feel fortunate to have made a difference in this child’s life.”

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