/1Memorable Instance: Heartwarming Hug from Shelter Dog to Rescuers Melts the Hearts of Millions.

/1Memorable Instance: Heartwarming Hug from Shelter Dog to Rescuers Melts the Hearts of Millions.

Abandoned and scared, a friendly dog named Mr. Snufflufugus recently found himself running around the city limits of Copperas Cove, Texas, looking for someone who might be able to help.

When local animal control personnel finally found Mr. Snufflufugus and brought him back to Copperas Cove Animal Control, the grateful American bulldog mix was so happy to be safe that he gratefully snuggled his new friend, animal control supervisor Tamara Hall. When another staff member, Victoria Watkins-Killebrew, noticed the sweet moment, she couldn’t help but snap a picture.

“Victoria and I were in the play area with Mr. Snufflufugus when he decided he needed a hug,” Hall told The Dodo. “While he does enjoy visits from everyone, I am his favorite person. As his favorite, I benefit from his extra-special hugs and kisses!”

dog hugging woman

Moments like this one aren’t rare when it comes to Mr. Snufflufugus, who quickly became known at the shelter as being a fiend for affection.

“[He’s] a cuddle bug for sure,” Hall said. “If you are sitting on the floor or ground, he is sure to seek your attention by climbing into your lap or snuggling up next to you. He uses his irresistible sweet eyes while looking up for attention.”

dog looking at camera

When he’s not busy cuddling his friends, Mr. Snufflufugus enjoys quick jaunts around the neighborhood, though his preferred leisure activity is, well, pure leisure.

“He loves to go out for short walks, but he is a couch potato type of dog,” Hall said.

woman hugging dog

After the photo of Mr. Snufflufugus hugging Hall went viral on social media, Copperas Cove Animal Control received an outpouring of applications from people keen to adopt the pup. The small shelter has limited resources to process such a heavy load, so staff are currently in the process of moving Mr. Snufflufugus to a bigger rescue organization, one that will be able to find him his perfect match.

In the meantime, the cuddly pup is enjoying time with his friends at Copperas Cove, learning how to be a good boy from their dedicated volunteers.

This big-hearted dog is so excited to find his forever family and will surely have lots of hugs waiting for them when they finally meet.

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