13-Year-Old Girl Slowly Turning Into Stone q.

13-Year-Old Girl Slowly Turning Into Stone q.

Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Life is very difficult for each and every one, and it is a sure fact that everyone has bad days in their life.

Today we bring you a story of a 13 year old girl who is literally turning into a stone in the far and far mountains is where we found her.


She is called divini, a 13 year old girl whose skin is turning into a stone, and most people in this society keep calling her names like a dinosaur, beast and a lot more.

He is called deo, Devin’s father, and this is his wife, Devin’s mother.

They both say that they completely have no idea where this came from, but it has totally ruined their daughter’s life as well as Theirs, which means that this family has never been at peace since their daughter started looking like this.

He says that this is their first daughter, as well as their only child.

They never believe their eyes when they see her turning into a stone day after day after day, but they failed to stop it, though.


They keep fighting to make their life better, but things never change.

She was born normally, just like any other baby.

They took care of her and, right after three months of birth, her skin started changing slowly by slowly developed pimples, and it was something that they could not control at all.

And this is when they took her to the hospital.

Dale and his wife thought that it was just a few pimples on the skin and it was going to end anytime soon.

But they were very wrong, because when the doctor saw this, they simply said that they could not do anything about it.

So she kept applying more baby skin powder to reduce its pain, but also didn’t work.

It was a hospital in this village and they had hope that if they had been able to take their daughter to the city, she would get the treatment that she deserved and this skin problem would come to an end for once and for all.


But they did not have this kind of money to take their daughter to the city.

She says that this problem also affected their daughter’s body because she did not grow like other kids.

She was already sleeping and they also started thinking that her body was also disabled.

For eight long years she had never moved even a little bit, and her mother always kept carrying her to the hospital for treatment, and surprisingly, she worked at eight years of age, which was something that they never expected at all to happen at this stage, her skin turned into black completely.

It had started smelling horribly and getting hard just like a stone, and this is when she came out of the house and entered into the society, but she was not welcomed at all.

All the other kids in the society did not want to get close to her, and when she gets close to them and wants to play, they beat her up instead, because they say that she smells for them, and this is why they keep calling her a dinosaur.


Yet this family has never heard of this kind of animals, but many people in this deep village advise their children not to get close to this animal or creature, just like they call it, and they spit down every time she passes by, and they also call her animal names, and her mother always finds such people and tries to talk to them about abusing her daughter.

They were advised to take their daughter to school so that she can be able to learn how to read and write, despite the fact that she was neglected in the society.

But they had to do so because she had the right to study.

She wakes up every morning and go to school, which is quite a long distance, through hills and hills, but it’s the only way to attain education in this village, and she gets to school late because of this distance.


Her toes, as well as the toenails, became so hard to the extent that they can’t be cut off.

And whatever her parents used to cut, her nails always breaks up and they decided to leave it until they came up with a better solution.

In her classroom they must sit as a pair on each and every desk, but the Vin sits alone, and this is because they do not want to get close to her in any way.

They hate her because of the way she looks and always used to bully her a lot.

This family sold all they had just so as to get their daughter treated.

They lost the little they had and nothing ever came out, and the rest was spent on his father, who was also very sick and got operated but is completely fine.

Now sit down during the night.

She cannot sleep at all because of the pain she goes through, and her mother always applies vaseline on her body to reduce the pain, and by some painkillers too.

Her mother had to go to the school, talk to the teacher and ask him to please help this little girl to relate with other children so that they can consider her as a normal child and welcome her without fear or hate, which he is always trying to do at this school.


She is always quiet and afraid of socializing with others.

Her teacher always encourages her and he says that she is the most intelligent child in this class and she always stops every exam, and this is also one of the reasons why her fellow students do not like her that much from school.

She walks straight home under heavy sunshine and they think that this may also affect her skin’s condition and make it even worse.

So her parents also say that their daughter is sometimes so sad and lonely, but they try to ask her to help out with housework, like fetching water for home use, with hope that she might meet some people along the way and maybe talk to them, which also never works out at all.

From the long walk.


She washes her body because of the too much heat that makes her body even more painful each time she goes out, and the more she keeps scratching it, the more it becomes harder and painful.

And since it is too hard, she uses a stone tool, because it is the only thing that makes her feel a little bit better.

He says that they are so afraid of having another child because of fear that their other children may also face this condition.

He is called denny.


He is the reverend at their church and he says: when he got to know about this child, he decided to give a hand and help out.

He did not have money.

He offered the little he had and they used it for buying medicine, and he also took pictures of this girl and shared them on the internet so that she could get help.

Well, this reverend Father is the one that also called on a free max to come and tell her story to the world so that she gets help and support to get the treatment that she deserves.

Because they believe that this disease can be treated and cured.

They are all asking for help so that Devin gets advanced treatment, since her entire life is now ruined because she looks like this and it’s already hard for people to take her in the way she is.


And these donations should be done via Gofundme, a link that is in the description below and always pinned by Afrimax English on the topmost comment of each and every story.

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