/1."You would shed tears upon witnessing a pitiful dog making every effort to stay as close as possible to the grave of its owner."

/1.”You would shed tears upon witnessing a pitiful dog making every effort to stay as close as possible to the grave of its owner.”

Photo credit: Facebook / Vesna Mihajloski

A German Shepherd was seen sitting by a grave for days, appearing to mourn the death of her owner. However, the real story is much different!

The tale of the loyal German shepherd keeping vigil at her owner’s grave was circulated widely and broke many hearts. As it turns out, however, that wasn’t the whole story behind the photo.

The heartbreaking truth of this dog’s life has a silver lining–she got her happy ending after everything she went through.

Photo credit: Facebook / Vesna Mihajloski

The mother dog was doing her best to care for her newborn puppies. The graveyard hole wasn’t the ideal place for a den, but she had to make do in order to keep her four puppies warm and safe during the harsh winter. Despite all of her efforts, the helpless mother dog struggled mightily to feed and raise her lovable family.

Luckily, Vesna Mihajoski, a pet rescuer came to save the day. Emaciated and haggard pups were housed in what could be called a “death house”, until Vesna rescued them and placed them each in their own shelter beds.

The mama dog was especially overjoyed to have a roof over her head anda cozy bed for each of babies.

Photo credit: Facebook / Vesna Mihajloski

The doggie family rapidly grew healthier and stronger at the shelter after receiving the medical care and proper nutrition they needed!

Vesna’s efforts have turned the tired and stressed mama dog into a relieved and joyful one. Soon enough, the pups revealed their fun-loving, clowning personalities. What seemed like it would be a tragedy ended up being beautiful little miracle because of the mother dog’s unrelenting love for her pups!

Photo credit: Facebook / Vesna Mihajloski

We hope that all of these beautiful dogs will find their forever homes and live out the rest of their lives surrounded by people who would love them endlessly. Until then, they can spend all the time they want cuddling and being next to each other.

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