/1.When Abandoned at Walmart, a Dog's Unwavering Gratitude Shines Through in Heartwarming Embrace with Rescuer.

/1.When Abandoned at Walmart, a Dog’s Unwavering Gratitude Shines Through in Heartwarming Embrace with Rescuer.

Clarence had a difficult start in life, but he knows better than any of us how to make love change the way we are and how we’ll be. Loving has been the number-one rule of this four-year-old Golden Retriever, which means he’ll treat others the way he wants to be treated, hug everyone he meets, and hold onto his beloved caretakers.

Since his birth, Clarene has appeared to have a desire of living comfortably at home. The dog had lived in the family’s yard before they made the decision to abandon him in the Walmart parking lot. The Golden Retriever made two new friends in the German Shepherd and Chihuahua-mix, and he began to hunt for food with them in the park.

He and the German shepherd finally got noticed by the local animal control who contacted their families but none of them claimed their dogs. Clarence was listed to be put down.

Fortunately, Hounds In Pounds was heard of Clarence’s situation and decided to foster him. The German Shepherd was soon able to find a forever home. Clarence just needed a little bit of luck, and he is now living under the shelter’s care. He is pure, sweet, and full of love.

“He is sweet, gentle and so grateful to be safe with us,” Hounds In Pounds wrote on Facebook. “We can’t help but get lost in Clarence’s golden coat, it reminds us of sunshine and so does his personality. He is bright, warm, and brings light to those who know him.”

The dog is friendly as well. He is friends of other dogs and cats in the shelter. Cat Suzuki, Hounds In Pounds’ founder, said: “He is an angel — literally. He just wants to be by your side. This dog is a mush.”

“He would do great in a home with people who are around more than not since he attaches quickly,” Suzuki said. “He’s fairly lazy, so a movie bud or snuggle partner is ideal.”

The adorable Clarence is still looking for his devoted family. He is eager to embrace and kiss his future partner.

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