/1.This joyful dog happily embraces its father when given a matching pair of overalls just like his.

/1.This joyful dog happily embraces its father when given a matching pair of overalls just like his.

“He mentioned wanting Leroy to have a pair so they could match.”

Meet Leroy — a 4-year-old dachshund who loves living life by his dad’s side. Leroy and his dad already do everything together, like working on outdoor projects and watching TV before bed. But, recently, they took their relationship to the next level by getting matching outfits.

“[My dad] is very well-known for his love of wearing overalls,” Hannah Priddy, Leroy’s sister, told The Dodo. “[And] he mentioned wanting Leroy to have a pair so they could match.”

Leroy and his dad are two peas in a pod, but their relationship wasn’t always tight-knit. In fact, Leroy’s dad struggled to connect with the little pup at first.

“My dad didn’t think he’d have much of a bond with him,” Priddy said. “But Leroy was drawn to my dad, and, over time, they became a dynamic duo.”

As it turns out, Leroy didn’t need anything special to bond with his dad. All he wanted was quality time — and lots of it.

“Fast forward to now: Leroy and my dad are best friends,” Priddy said. “Leroy follows him everywhere, and my dad has given him several nicknames, such as Barn Boss, Dapper Daniel, My Boy and Lachoy.”

Leroy joined his family at a transitional time in their life — they’d just moved from the city to the countryside, where Leroy’s dad started spending a lot of time outdoors. In addition to welcoming a new dog, Leroy’s dad had also recently adopted a new signature look.

“During this time, my dad started wearing his overalls, and now we never really see him in anything else!” Priddy said. “He’s now very well-known for his love of wearing overalls, and people in the family have even bought their own after seeing him rock his daily.”

Everyone in the Priddy household eventually acquired their own pair of trusty overalls, but there was one family member who remained pantsless: Leroy.

Unsatisfied, Leroy’s dad went online and started searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

“He found them on Amazon and sent me the link, asking me to order them,” Priddy said. “It took one day to receive them, and Leroy was wearing them as soon as my dad got them in the mail.”

Leroy’s dad wasted no time fashioning the little pup in his own pair of medium-sized doggy overalls. Both Leroy and his dad were ecstatic about their new matching outfits.

“My mom said that Leroy actually loves them,” Priddy said. “And my dad just had to have that little photo shoot with him. I got the pictures right away while I was at work.”

Now, the dynamic duo are never seen apart. If, for any reason, Leroy’s dad has to leave the house briefly, his loyal mini-me waits anxiously for him to come home.

“Whenever my dad is gone, Leroy will cry, wait at the front door, or even sit in my dad’s chair and wait for him to come back,” Priddy said.

And, just like Leroy can’t stand to be without his dad, his dad could never imagine a life without his little best friend.

“My dad adores every dog that we have, but Leroy is his ‘Boy,’” Priddy said. “He absolutely fell in love with him.”


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