/1.The young deer got lost on its way home, but fortunately, it met a kind dog who helped it find its mother.

/1.The young deer got lost on its way home, but fortunately, it met a kind dog who helped it find its mother.

Dogs are such helpful animals. Whenever baby birds would fall out of the avocado trees in our backyard during the summer months, it was always my dog who was first to respond and rescue the little birds. She’d then take care of the little baby bird until either its parents got it back up to the nest, or until one of us would get out the emergency bird cage and eye dropper and raise it as our own. Helping other animals in distress is just such a canine thing to do – it’s like it comes second nature to them.

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And one lost little fawn was very lucky that he was rescued by a loving dog. The fawn had gotten separated from his mother in the Southern Pines area in North Carolina. Understandably the little creature was quite upset and in a tizzy over having lost his mother. But the distraught baby deer didn’t have to wait long for help to arrive. Luckily for him, help was right around the corner.

A seven-month-old German Shepherd named Iris was enjoying a stroll with her owner, Adrian Flores. The two would often go on walks together every morning through the trail in Southern Pines. Iris was enlisted in the K-9 training program, but it was clear that she already understood the duty to protect and serve those in need of help. While on the trail, Iris was the first to notice the little fawn who had suddenly begun to follow Iris. As it turned out, the baby deer had seemed to somehow associate Iris with his mother.

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The German Shepherd didn’t seem offended in the slightest. In fact, she was more than happy to help comfort the frightened little deer. She gently approached the baby and offered her comfort and assistance. The poor little thing felt so relaxed finally knowing that he’d found someone that would care for him. He didn’t hesitate to adopt Iris as his new mom, quickly putting all his trust into the German Shepherd. And the pooch herself happily took on the role.

The two cuddled up together, with Iris gently licking and kissing the little fawn until he’d calmed down enough to figure out the way back home. After an hour together, the fawn finally said farewell, able to get back to his mother on his own. And he was quite lucky that Iris was there when he needed her. She is an absolute sweetheart!

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