/1.The Smiling Pup blossomed a radiant smile, with eyes on the verge of tears, after being rescued from life on the streets.

/1.The Smiling Pup blossomed a radiant smile, with eyes on the verge of tears, after being rescued from life on the streets.

At first glance, this cheerful pup may seem to have always had a happy life. However, her story is much different than that; she began her journey as a stray in the streets of Fresno, California with no one to take care of or love her.

She endured scabies and required surgery for an abdominal hernia due to extreme neglect and abandonment. Thankfully though, after being sent away from the shelter without having been adopted yet, everything changed for the better!

When Fresno Bully Rescue heard about the dog, they knew that she needed to be rescued. Of course, her conditions were far from ideal – she was quite sick and had a horrible odor due to scabies- but despite everything, she still found it in herself to wag her tail when rescuers came near.

After evaluating this sweet pup for adoption potential, Amy Matsushima saw a video of the poor soul on their vet’s page and felt an immediate connection with those loving eyes! She simply couldn’t resist meeting her in person.

When I caught a glimpse of her on the lifeguard network, I was astonished. Her forlorn expression made me ache; however, when she wagged her tail and gave a faint smile, my heart melted instantly.

You need to know this puppy! After meeting her in person I adopted the pup immediately – it didn’t take long for scabies healing and an adorable infectious grin to emerge from within that little furball’s personality!

Nowadays, her face lights up with a radiant smile no matter if she is in the car, lounging around at home, or not wanting to take that stroll.

Moreover, she has created an Instagram account of her own where everyone can bask in the joy and delight emanating from those beaming grins!

This is an incredible story of a brave pup transforming into one of the most adorable and lovable puppies. She loves to play around, but still struggles with walking–but that can’t stop her from using her charming face to get out! To see more of this inspiring transformation for yourself, watch the following video. Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones so you can spread some positivity together!

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