/1."The old dog's tears flowed as he stood by his owner's casket, witnessing the departure of his only loved one, deeply moving the online community who witnessed it."

/1.”The old dog’s tears flowed as he stood by his owner’s casket, witnessing the departure of his only loved one, deeply moving the online community who witnessed it.”

  • Dogs, known for their unwavering loyalty, form deep bonds with their owners. When their owners pass away, these beloved animals can experience profound sadness, longing, and even mourning for the person who once cared for them. A touching story that recently made rounds on Philippine social networks exemplifies this remarkable bond.

Four years ago, a dog with white fur and a small yellow patch on its head and ears was lost in Manila, Philippines. Thankfully, the dog was adopted by a man named Carmelito Marcelo, a 58-year-old professor at Mabalacat City University in Pampanga, Philippines. The dog was named Buboy and became a cherished companion in Carmelito’s life.

Buboy, originally a stray dog, found his way into the heart of a compassionate professor.

The professor developed a deep affection for Buboy, taking on the responsibility of caring for him and ensuring he had food and care. In return, Buboy formed a special bond with the professor. Each day, the loyal dog would accompany the professor to school, happily lying at his feet and engaging in playful interactions on campus.

Buboy’s regular visits to the school brought joy and companionship, strengthening the connection between the professor and his four-legged friend.

However, their idyllic days together were cut short when Professor Marcelo suffered a stroke and was rushed to the emergency room. Despite several weeks of intensive care, he tragically did not survive and passed away on May 18.

Unaware of the heartbreaking event, Buboy, the loyal dog, continued to wait faithfully in front of the professor’s classroom, expecting his return. Buboy’s eyes filled with anticipation and eventual disappointment left many lecturers and students at the school feeling heartbroken and saddened by the sight.

In a touching gesture, the professor’s students decided to bring Buboy to the funeral, allowing him to bid a farewell to his beloved owner in their final moments together.

Witnessing Buboy’s unwavering hope and longing for the professor, his students made the compassionate decision to bring him to the funeral, allowing him to bid a final farewell to his beloved master. As Buboy stood in front of the old professor’s coffin, he let out painful cries, as if expressing his deep sorrow. The sight moved everyone present, evoking intense emotions.

Silently, Buboy lay down in front of the professor’s coffin, paying his respects in his own heartfelt way. Not only that, but he also lingered by the coffin, gently touching the photo with his front paws. With patience and understanding, Buboy remained by the side of the coffin, realizing that this would likely be the last time he would see his dear friend and master, the old professor.

Following the funeral, Buboy found a caring and supportive environment among the staff, students, and faculty at the school. They have taken on the responsibility of raising him and are actively working towards finding him a loving forever home. Their goal is to ensure that Buboy finds an owner who will shower him with the same love and care that the old professor provided. Let us extend our heartfelt wishes that Buboy soon finds his new companion, someone who will cherish him just as the late professor did.

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