/1."The little abandoned dog wagged its tail at each passerby on the street, hoping to be adopted into a new loving home, which touched the heart of a kind-hearted man.

/1.”The little abandoned dog wagged its tail at each passerby on the street, hoping to be adopted into a new loving home, which touched the heart of a kind-hearted man.

Meet Lek Lek, a delightful and affectionate puppy who resides in Sri Lanka with her human family. She shares a special bond with her pet dad, Thushara, who ensures she is always joyful, healthy, and feels cherished and secure.

However, Lek Lek’s life wasn’t always filled with love and warmth. A few years back, she was a stray pup, surviving the harsh streets of Nuwela Eliya, uncertain of where her next meal would come from. Despite these hardships, Lek Lek never lost her sunny disposition and determination to find a loving home.

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A turn of events happened when a team of elephant rescuers from Elephant Nature Park, Thailand, spotted Lek Lek during their visit to Sri Lanka for elephant research. This park is a sanctuary for distressed elephants, aimed at rescuing and rehabilitating as many elephants as possible. This time, however, it was not an elephant that needed their help.

As the team strolled down the streets, they noticed a tiny stray puppy wagging her tail enthusiastically, trying to catch the attention of passersby. Her vigorous tail-wagging and hopeful eyes were so compelling that the team couldn’t resist stopping to pet her.

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Despite being in a rush, the team gave Lek Lek a quick pat before continuing on their way. However, this little pup was not ready to be left behind. She started following the Elephant Nature Park team, and soon they realized she had no plans to stop. They tried returning her to where they found her, but each time, she followed them again.

Lek Lek’s persistence and determination melted their hearts. They knew they couldn’t leave her alone on the streets. The team attempted to find someone on the street who could adopt and care for this adorable dog, but they were met with rejection, especially when people learned she was female.

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Just when things seemed bleak, their driver, Thushara, stepped in and volunteered to take care of Lek Lek. The team was ecstatic that this endearing little girl, who had won their hearts with her wagging tail and longing gaze, would finally have a safe haven.

They named her Lek Lek and left her under Thushara’s loving care. Overjoyed to finally have a home and a family, Lek Lek quickly grew fond of her new dad. Her quest for a forever home was finally over, and she couldn’t be happier.

Image: elephantnews

Three years later, Lek Lek received a surprise visit from one of the Elephant rescue team members, Lek. Despite the years apart, Lek Lek remembered her rescuer vividly. Their heartwarming reunion, filled with love and joy, was captured on video, serving as a beautiful reminder of their special bond.

Image: elephantnews

This story of Lek Lek is a testament to her resilience and the power of love. We are overjoyed for Lek Lek and are certain she will forever be grateful to Lek, Thushara, and all the rescuers who brought her and her beloved pet dad together.

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