/1.Infant Girl in India Born Without Limbs Leaves Medical Experts Astonished (video)

/1.Infant Girl in India Born Without Limbs Leaves Medical Experts Astonished (video)

Suffering from a rare congenital disease, this baby girl’s birth image surprised even the doctors.

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Local media reported that on June 16, a strange baby girl was born in Sakla village, in Sironj Tehsil city, Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh state, India. A newborn baby girl has neither arms nor legs.

It is known that this girl was determined to have a rare congenital genetic disorder called Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, which typically manifests as the loss of all four limbs. This fact has shocked the doctors and the baby’s family deeply shocked and heartbroken.

In the clip posted on social media, the baby girl is being held by her mother. The baby was placed in a blanket, completely without limbs, causing many to feel fear and pity.

Dr Suresh Aggarwal, a pediatrician at Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Hospital, in the city of Sironj Tehsil, where the girl was born, said that in addition to having no limbs, the baby girl’s health is completely healthy and stable.

Tetra-Amelia syndrome is an inherited disorder caused by mutations in the WNT3 gene and is extremely rare. According to Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari, a pediatrician, this syndrome affects only one out of every 100,000 births worldwide. In his working career, this is also the first time he encountered this case.

A 2011 study by Dr Eva Bermejo-Sanchez, of the Center for the Study of Congenital Anomalies (CIAC) at the Saluto Carlos III Research Institute (Spain) found that Tetra-Amelia syndrome occurs in about one out of 71,000 pregnancies.

In some cases, the lungs of babies with Tetra-Amelia syndrome may not be fully developed, blocking the airway, even being unable to breathe, which is extremely life-threatening. In the case of the girl above, the experts and doctors decided to do further tests and evaluations to see the development of the internal organs.

She was born central India's Madhya Pradesh state on June 26

In the world, there are not many recorded cases of people with Tetra-Amelia syndrome. One of the most famous people to suffer from this deformity is Nicholas James Vujicic, or the son known as Nick Vujicic. Born without all four limbs, this man is still determined to overcome his fate and become a speaker. Nick Vujicic is now 38 years old, married and has 4 children, is the author of several popular books, has traveled to 44 different countries around the world to inspire millions.

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