/1.Heartwarming Moment: Dog Embraces Injured Fawn, Stays Till Rescue Arrives

/1.Heartwarming Moment: Dog Embraces Injured Fawn, Stays Till Rescue Arrives

There’s something truly special about a dog’s love. Take Zoey, a Nashville-based canine, for example. Her compassion knows no bounds, even when it comes to helping a distressed fawn that found its way onto her property.

Musician Pat Pollifrone from the band Miller Holler was surprised to find a tiny deer in his yard. Understanding the importance of keeping wild animals in their natural habitats, he gently guided the fawn back into the woods. But the little one couldn’t resist returning.

“Found this sweetheart yesterday in the yard, so we took her into the woods. Came out this morning and she was laying in the driveway,” Pollifrone shared on Instagram, humorously adding, “So I guess we have a deer now.”

He named the fawn Bambi, provided her with water, and treated some of her injuries, including a tick-caused eye infection. That’s when Zoey stepped in. She showered Bambi with kisses and snuggles, providing comfort and warmth. The sight was truly heart-melting.

While Pollifrone was determined to help Bambi, he knew he wasn’t an expert. He reached out to various animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitation centers, but none were equipped to care for a young deer. Undeterred, he continued to provide the best care he could, with Zoey by his side.

“We will continue to care for the baby until Mama comes back,” Pollifrone said optimistically. “She is doing SO MUCH BETTER! Pooping, peeing, taking goat’s milk. Eye infection is clearing up and the ticks have left her alone.”

Eventually, the Gibson County Goat Ranch agreed to take Bambi in. While Zoey and Bambi might miss each other, it was the best decision for the young deer’s welfare. Hopefully, after her stay at the goat farm, she will be ready to return to the wild. For now, her focus is on recovery.

In the end, Bambi was fortunate to stumble into the kind and caring home of Pollifrone and Zoey. Their story serves as a beautiful reminder of the boundless love and compassion our four-legged friends can offer.

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