/1.Dog adopted from the shelter is happy to be making friends with a friend like himself on the street for the first time.

/1.Dog adopted from the shelter is happy to be making friends with a friend like himself on the street for the first time.

On an ordinary dog walk, two Cockapoo brothers from the UK were unexpectedly reunited in a joyful reunion.

After the two furry siblings serendipitously ran into each other on their walk, a Twitter user captured the heartwarming moment of them embracing and sharing it with millions. In no time at all, the post was liked 936.1K times and retweeted 186K!

Libby Pincher’s father was out strolling with his business partner Dave and their beloved one-year-old Cockapoo, Monty in Aycliffe, County Durham when they unexpectedly encountered the same type of dog walking with its owner. Her dad sent her some photos of it immediately!


In a few moments, the loving dogs encircled each other in an embrace; and their owners quickly understood that they were siblings, who had been adopted by different families.

The owners were delighted, embracing each other in sheer joy.

Susan Killip fondly remembers the special moment when her husband Lee and David reunited. “We were taking Rosie for a walk one day, and all of sudden they just leaped up at each other in embrace– it was beautiful! They remembered each other after 10 months apart.”


After I captured a few images and forwarded them to Jean, the story quickly spread like wildfire. Before we knew it, David had sent them over to his friend who subsequently emailed them off to their daughter Libby. Soon after that, they were posted on Twitter, where they immediately gained traction – and from there you know what happened!

Ever since they were little, the pair had been nearly inseparable.

Two years after the heartbreaking loss of their beloved toy poodle, Lucy, Susan, and her partner began to consider adopting a cockapoo. They often took long walks with Lucy’s ashes in their pocket as they mourned her passing. After learning that Millie was expecting a litter in late June 2019 from an acquaintance whose own dog had been bred by the same one, they decided to adopt Rosie—Millie’s pup!


On June 30th, it was a joyous day for the Bishop Middleham breeder; six puppies had just been born! Out of all the little ones, Monty and Rosie seemed inextricably linked – as if they already belonged to each other. We chose Rosie because she was gentle and shy while our friend Jean decided on Monty with no hesitation whatsoever. Unfortunately, we ran into an issue with the breeder so Jean took care of our beloved pup for two weeks until September when it was time for us to pick her up from him; despite this setback, however, nothing could separate these two cuties who were destined to be together regardless!


After a delightful week spent together, it was time to take her home. For three weeks, she remained separated from Monty until Jean and David’s next village visit. Despite our tight work schedules, we frequently exchanged messages inquiring about the pet pals’ wellbeing – but never had an opportunity to reunite in person.

Susan excitedly shared, “Once we can resume our social lives again, Monty and Rosie will rejoin each other for their first birthday. Fingers crossed that this time together brings a joyous occasion!”


With the joyous reunion of these two beloved canines, we all hope they will have infinitely more chances to play and frolic together.

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